Preparing your home for sale

It can seem overwhelming.

But when you take it one step at a time,  “layer by layer”, you will have a clear vision of what is needed, and will spruce up, as you go through the “pealing process”.

  • Remove (pack or eliminate) the obvious.

Eliminate Cluster – in all rooms, cabinets, closets, garage, out buildings, yard.

Eliminate dated style items – This does not mean shabby chic or mix of modern & rustic …

Eliminate personal pictures, personals items in the bathrooms, clear up the counters.

  • You will be surprise how you will get into the layer pealing rhythm, and become efficient.
  • Keep just enough furnishing and decoration to dress your house ,  it will appear more spacious.
  •  Don’t forget the yard. Even natural landscaping may use little tidying, like weed-whacking, trimming.
  • Once you have done all you can – Then you may consider improvements / fixes  for which you may need to hire help – is professional staging tight or needed for your property?
  • Value the next steps – Cost and return – for the kind /style of your property.

Here are some links about prepping your home for sale.

  • HGTV – scroll down the link for multiple articles.

  • Marie Condo official trailer – if never seen… make your way to a couple of shows to see the system, which is always the same.





Once you are done, I may make additional touches, if you are OK with it.